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Please ask your server for our homemade soup of the day 7


Calamari   12

Empanadas   3 each

Artichoke dip   11


Classic Caesar salad 10

Fresh spinach 11

Lemon salmon 14

Cajun grilled steak 14


Spaghetti marinara 12

Add Chicken 3.00            Add Meatball 2.50            add Homemade sausage 3.50

Fettuccine Alfredo 12

Add Chicken 3       Add Meatball 3           add Homemade sausage 3.50

Meat Lasagna  14

Cannelloni  12

Cheese ravioli  12

Gnocchi Bolognese  13

Chicken parmesan  13


Kid’s spaghetti 7         Kid’s fettuccine  8


Margarita 12

Chicken Alfredo 13

Prosciutto and arugula 13


Served with a choice of Italian coleslaw, fries or side salad

Homemade Cappeletti’s salciccia  11

Classic meatball  11

Roast beef sandwich  10

Fish and chips  10


Ask your server for the homemade selection of the day.