Cappeletti's Restaurant

family owned and operated restaurant


Please ask your server for our daily homemade soup offerings     6.50


 Calamari    9.00

Empanadas    10.00

Mushroom potato gnocchi     9.50

Artichoke dip    8.00

Caprese bruschetta    7.50

Hazelnut crusted prawns   9.00


Classic Caesar salad     8.00

Fresh spinach    9.00

Lemon salmon    12.00

Prosciutto arugula    12.00


Served with field greens salad

Gluten free pastas available. Ask your server for details. 

Spaghetti marinara    12.50

Add meatball     2.00 ea.           Add chicken    2.50                add sausage   2.50

Fettuccine Alfredo   13.00

Add meatball     2.00 ea.           Add chicken    2.50                add sausage   2.50

Meat Lasagna   15.50

Chicken gorgonzola    17.00

Seafood linguini    17.50

Gnocchi Bolognese    16.50

Mushroom ravioli with chicken Pomodoro     18.00

Cannelloni     16.00

With Alfredo sauce    17.00                  with chicken Pomodoro or Bolognese sauce    18.00


Ask your server for our fresh fish of the day.

Cioppino     25.95

~Meats and Poultry~

Served with field greens salad, side of mashed potatoes and chef choice of vegetables.

8 oz Black Angus Flat Iron     18.50

Boneless pork chop    16.50

Chicken Marsala     16.50

12 oz Grilled Rib Eye    24.50

Emilia‚Äôs Aglio chicken    16.50


Ask your server for our homemade selection of the day.